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Гидра official. The official HYDRA Onion store will provide a bunch of selection of goods and services and garanty a assessing not less five in the TOR network.

Гидра | hydraruzxpnew4af.onion in adress Darknet

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How to log in to Гидра?

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When you enter the site, you will see a captcha, this check does not allow ILV robots to recognize the site.



Log in to an existing account or go through the registration procedure on the Hydra Onion website.

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Пополните баланс

You can fund your wallet in 4 ways: direct transfer to BTC, Qiwi, card or phone.

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Enjoy your shopping

After replenishing the balance, using the search, find the product you are interested in and pay for it.

Hydra | Гидра

Hydra сайт is a modern, unparalleled platform for the sale of exotic goods, closed to the public. The site attracts with its modern interface and ease of use. With any question, you can contact support, which works 24 hours a day.


Since Hydra onion is increasingly being attacked by services and competitors, it was decided to make copy sites - mirror Hydra . Due to the fact that mirrors are becoming more accessible, since access is open on the public network, a huge number of attackers have appeared who want to take over your data and money. Always follow the verified links above.

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Hydra official


Since we have already found out that when replenishing your account, your data remains completely anonymous, the question of receiving the goods remains. Hydra onion has a flexible system of receiving goods - bookmarks, thanks to which there is no physical contact with the seller. Everything is done for the safety of our users.

Система оплаты BTC

The Hydra website has an anonymous bitcoin payment system. Thanks to this feature, all personal data of buyers remains completely anonymous. If you are not comfortable paying with bitcoins, then 24-hour automatic exchangers operate on Hydra. Enjoy all the conveniences of the site.

Hydra official

Гидра website or the next generation of crypto markets - Гидра

This project name - Гидра - has become the property of the entire Russian shadow business. A huge platform, advertising for which there is even on YouTube, is a real idol. Everyone has heard the word Hydra and they associate it with DarkNet. Site owners care about their users and provide them with everything they need to shop.

Почему пользователи выбирают Гидру?

  • "For a long time I could not find a convenient service for finding fun. This site is the standard of similar sites. Everything is quick and convenient, one-click purchase, and you are already on the lookout"
  • "A fast and very convenient platform for buying goods that, alas, are prohibited in our country ... Many thanks to the developers, I use it with pleasure."
  • "Excellent design, support service that always helps to deal with the problem, reliable sellers, all this amazed me in this crypto platform"


Промокодов в месяц
  • When replenishing the balance by transferring to Qiwi, indicate your nickname in the commentary and get a 20% discount on your order.


Товаров по акции
  • The greater the amount of top-ups per month, the more promotional items will be available to you.


За одно пополнение
  • When replenishing from 5000 rubles by transferring to bitcoin, your balance will double.


В чёрную пятницу
  • С 25 по 30 ноября, пользователь, пополнивший баланс от 10000 рублей, получит приятный бонус.

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